Croteaux Longboards started in 2013 by Markis Croteau and Michael Croteau in the seaside town of Southold on the East End of Long Island. The mission was to deign and build handmade longboards of exceptional quality and style that ride like no other.  "We've always had a few longboards in the barn for summertime transportation to the beach, and riding the roads around our farm vineyard. Disappointed with the performance and features of 'off-the-shelf' longboards my son Markis (above left), said  "Dad, we should build our own longboards this summer?". Croteaux Longboards was born.


Our goal is to make well designed, to ride boards that are smooth rolling, comfortable and easy to ride. We have extended the wheelbase on a 39.5" board to ride like a much longer board. The length fits in most overhead airplane bins, so you can carry-on when traveling. All of our longboards are a specific shape designed exclusively by us. We hand build prototypes and test them extensively before moving into production. All graphics are hand-painted and six coats of polyurethane are applied to each side and the edges. Hardware, bearings and wheels are selected for performance, durability and design. We use the same bearings that set the downhill speed record of 82.6 mph. Wheels are selected to enhance the design of each board and rolling quality. 

Board Construction

Each board is hand made using seven laminates of rock maple, glued and pressed into a concave. Each shape is then hand-cut, shaped, and finished into a classic longboard. The elegant lines of each board are shaped and finished by hand. We complete each board with the best hardware available – 180mm trucks, high-end wheels and Seismic bearing known for setting the longboard speed record. This means these boards ride smoother, role easier, look better, and flex unlike any production board on the market today.